Television and Radio Interview Training
We train your spokespeople to protect, preserve and enhance the reputation of your organisation if it becomes the focus of media attention. We tell you how it really is when the mass media come calling and demonstrate worst and best practise in dealing with us. Our emphasis is on practical techniques and hands-on experience to prepare for television and radio interviews to be a credible and effective interviewee.

Business Continuity Plan Testing
In the private sector, we work with your senior management, Business Continuity and Recovery teams providing the media element testing your response in a simulated crisis. We accurately recreate the key external pressure of the media with simulated studio news bulletins and interviews backed by news footage, photography and captions. We film and review any holding statements, press releases and interviews delivered by the Crisis Team on the day. We provide media awareness training beforehand, participating news crew in the course of the exercise and analysis, feedback and interview training afterwards, as required.

Emergency Simulations
In the public sector, we work with the armed forces, blue light services, emergency planning departments and other Category One and Two Responders (eg the water companies of England and Wales) to test their response in a simulated emergency. We provide authentic pressure with media calls, arriving journalists, interview and press conference teams, as necessary. We provide the advance training, debrief and analysis support you request.

Crisis Support
Kathryn Holloway can be engaged to provide communications support in a breaking story. This is a confidential, behind-the-scenes service including assistance with holding statements, press releases and interviews, as required, to help your organisation respond to mass media interest with maximum effectiveness.

Crisis Communications and Media Liaison Plans
We help you to create a media communications strategy which works at every level of your organisation or audit your existing arrangements. We assist with the media element of your Risk Assessment process, evaluating potential media interest and helping you to plan your response. We advise on practical measures to deal with news inquiries and journalists and crews arriving on site.

Media Awareness lectures and training
As a former television and radio presenter, Kathryn Holloway is an accomplished conference and seminar speaker. She delivers a challenging, but entertaining, account of the way in which the popular mass media really respond in major breaking stories and what is required in terms of practical arrangements and external communications response on-screen, on-air and in print when your reputation and brand are also on the line. (Lectures are backed by exclusive news photography and film footage from Press Alert’s Broadcast Associates on PowerPoint.)

The content of our training and advisory services is such that Confidentiality is a matter of Contract and Press Alert is happy to sign any further non-disclosure agreement you may require.